Quality is a trait that we navigate!

Because we know that our produce will be in the consumers’ hands in no time, we put our hearts into packing and delivering our produce.

Packing Facility

Our state-of-the-art chilled packing facility is located within just a few miles of our ranches. This allows us to harvest, cool, pack and ship fresh produce for our distributors and partners within hours not days. We have built our packing facility equipped with 3 high-end pre-cooling rooms and advanced conveyor belts for inspecting, grading, and sizing of fruits.

As well as having a disinfection production line for washing, sanitizing, and waxing the mangoes. All handling takes places in temperature controlled areas. With several control points in every single stage, we can guarantee an exceptional quality of every single fruit inside the pack.

Beyond the modern technology, the biggest advantage of our fresh produce is the fact that the grower and packer are one in the same place: the storage and packing facilities are all on-site at the farm.

This results in higher quality fruit, as mangoes that were on a tree that morning are under a controlled atmosphere that night. Our produce is picked and stored quicker than what is typically seen in the industry, resulting in better overall produce for the end consumers.

The deep integration in the process from the farm to the marketplace allows MK to deliver every stage promptly in order to make sure that the journey from our farm to the consumer’s table ends in absolute freshness.

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