Our ultimate ambition is to contribute to building a better world with a brighter future which can only happen through embedding the sustainability mindset in the heart of everything we do. As growers and exporters of fresh produce, we believe that sustainability is an integrated value chain. That's why we make responsible use of farming methods on all the ranches we manage; in how we irrigate, harvest, and deliver our produce.

We make it our priority to provide local farmers with a surpassing development program through which we join forces with local small farms and develop their farming practices. Our development program is not only designed to expand their farming knowledge but also to help them grow high-quality produce that fit in various global markets.

We believe that building a better and more sustainable future begins with building qualified talents. With the purpose of helping the coming generations achieve their goals of elevating their farming skills and knowledge, we offer students internship programs in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture, narrowing the gap between theoretical practices and on-ground implementation.

Taking care of the environment starts with implementing environmentally-friendly farming techniques that maintain a safe and waste-free environment. We do our best to repay the gifts we get from the land by taking good care of it.

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