We Take Technology Seriously

We believe in staying ahead of the curve, that's why we leverage cutting-edge technology to further offer outstanding produce. By integrating decades of experience and innovative high-tech solutions, we’re able to grow top quality produce that suit all tastes. All our facilities are built with the future in mind. No matter what the season, our packing facility is carefully designed to sort, sanitize, pack and ship the finest fruits; with complete temperature control.


Mango Hot Water Treatment

After handpicking the mango fruit, it is disinfected, segregated and waxed by using a high-tech machine. Through the process of washing and waxing, the mango is treated and sanitized by hot water. With a temperature control system, Hot Water Treatment is used for mango fruits as an effective post-harvest treatment to minimize fruit fly damage.

The process of treating the mango starts with sorting, then a warm shower followed by brushing and anti-fungal treatment, then brushing again, waxing, drying and finally taken to the packaging area. The entire process including packaging is done under the observation and supervision of a highly experienced team of technicians and quality controllers who are consumer focused. 

ESS – Electrostatic Spraying System 

ESS – Electrostatic Spraying System is one of the most advanced spraying systems in the market today. This machine provides a revolutionary spraying technology that is used for decontamination of the fruit.

The air-assisted electrostatic sprayers produce droplets 900 times smaller than those produced by standard or hydraulic sprayers. After atomization, they are then given an electrical charge that is carried deep into the plant canopy in a turbulent airstream. The result provides more than twice the deposition efficiency of traditional hydraulic sprayers and foggers.

ESS – Electrostatic Spraying System provides an efficient solution to avoid some of the worst agricultural problems like thrips, aphids, downy mildew, mealybugs, early blight, late blight, and listeria. 

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