Our fresh orange with both its wonderful variants: Valencia and Navel has gained a reputation for its premium quality and unparalleled taste. We deliver fresh orange that is fully ripe, sweet and juicy. After sorting and packaging, we export 1500 thousands kilograms of this fabulous orange during the whole year.

  • Average Annual Production: 1500 Tons

  • Variants:Valencia, Navel

  • Certification :Global Gap

  • Proximity:30 - 40 mins from Packing Facility

Packaging Open Top Carton Telescopic Carton
Carton Weight 15 Kg 9 Kg 15 Kg
Pallet Dimensions 120*100 120*100 120*100
No of Carton / Pallet 65 65 80
No of Pallets / Container 20 20 20
No of Carton / Container 1300 1300 1600
Container Net Weight 19500 11700 KG 24000
Products Name Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


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